Competitor Information / Informations sur les concurrents

Competitor Information / Informations sur les concurrents

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2022 Cascadia RCA Masters Championships to take place in Delta, BC

The 2022 Cascadia RCA Masters Championships will be moving from Burnaby Lake to the Deas Island Park located in Delta, BC. We are excited to be returning to the Deas Island Park, home of the Delta Deas Rowing Club and continuing our long-time relationship.

Public construction in the Burnaby Lake area has meant that access to the venue, parking and facilities would be greatly restricted. Thank you to the City of Burnaby and the Burnaby Lake Rowing Club for their outstanding efforts to accommodate welcoming us and we very much look forward to the renovations and upgrade work that has been and will be completed to improve their venue.

Save the date: July 15-17, 2022!

2022 Cascadia Rowing Canada Aviron Masters Championships

SAVE THE DATE! July 15 – 17, 2022, the Cascadia Regatta Association with Rowing Canada Aviron will be hosting the 2022 Masters Championships at Burnaby Lake, British Columbia.

Details to come very soon but we can tell you now; new medals, new trophies, testing expanding the regatta to three days, testing some new events for Masters not yet done before, and there have been some very exciting updates to the infrastructure at the Burnaby Lake Rowing Club over the past year.

We are looking for a couple amazing people to join our organizing committee; location matters not, one person who is a social media guru, and a get ‘er done individual or two. email for more details.

New Artwork

NEW ARTWORK – “Circle of River Life”

We are pleased to announce new artwork for the regatta, designed by the talented Chantelle Trainer-Matties. We tasked the artist to design us a logo that best could describe visually the connection to our Mother Earth. When we were describing rowing, we gave the example where there is nothing like being out on the water early in the morning with just the sounds of the boat gliding through the water, generally calm, sounds of the birds and calmness of the sun and air; just you with nature.

Visit our About our Medals section for more information about the artist and the new artwork to be found on our new merch kit launching in 2022.


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