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Safety and Fitness

*We strongly recommend you do not compete alone. At the very minimum, alert someone of your race start time and check in with them when you finish.

RCA Rules of Racing will be in effect unless otherwise noted in official event information. As per RCA Rule 2.3.1, “each rowercompetitor shall be responsible for his/her own health and fitness.”  

Please Note: As of January 1, 2019, RCA has implemented the enforcement of changes made to Rule 3.5 in the RCA Rules of Racing. The rule relates to the implementation of a single handed release strap for foot-stretchers. Information on this rule can be found here.  


  • C2 Flex Feet are banned by RCA
  • All laces, Velcro or similar material used for foot release must be able to be released by one single and easily accessible strap.
  • Heel ties must be limited to 7 cm or 2.8 inches.
  • All boats must have a securely fastened bow ball. 

Every rower or coxswain participating in the regatta is responsible to ensure that the crew and boat are in fit condition to race.

Emergency Facilities

Refer to your local club emergency action plan.