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*We strongly recommend you do not compete alone. At the very minimum, alert someone of your race start time and check in with them when you finish.

Ergometer Race Operations


Rowers are recommended to race on a Concept2 ergometer with either a PM3, PM4, or PM5 monitor connected via USB to a compatible computer. In order to participate, rowers must comply with all instructions from Time-Team when connecting the monitor to a computer. No sliders are allowed to keep the playing field fair. Other stationary ergometers are not recommended; however, it will be permitted. The Cascadia/Time-Team Timing Officials may not be able to support with technical difficulties to connect, download and submit results files.

On-Water Race Operations

2 X 1000m with a maximum 5 minutes rest, in opposite directions

We are performing the race as a 2 x 1000m in opposite directions to allow for currents. The times from the two lags will cancel any variants from currents.  

COVID-19 Protocols

All teams and individuals are required to adhere to their local, provincial and national Public Health orders regarding allowable activities. No exceptions. These include , appropriate PPE, social distancing, sterilizing shared equipment, boat washing, hand sterilization, etc. If your local orders prevent crew or team boats, then you must follow these guidelines. More information can be found at https://rowingcanada.org/covid-19- updates/ and on your local or provincial health authority websites.


1. Each crew must row in a shell that meets safety protocols as defined by the RCA Rules of Racing.

2. Teams may use any GPS device that exports .gpx, .fit, or .tcx file. Participants will upload their .gpx, .fit, or .tcx file to Time-Team via a personal invite that will be sent to the email address submitted with the entry. Results will be displayed both on the Time-Team website and RegattaCentral.

Rules of Racing

Please refer to the RCA Rules of Racing: https://rowingcanada.org/uploads/2019/03/RCA_rules_of_racing-EN-web.pdf

On-Water Time Tracking and Results Exporting Instructions

1. Row at least 2×1000 metres on the water (depending on the race designation) and track your performance using a Smartphone + GPS Tracking App, GPS watch, or NK SpeedCoach with Training Pack.

2. Pieces must be done in opposite directions to create neutral conditions, with a MAXIMUM of 5 minutes rest in between.

• These two scores will be cumulative with the lowest TOTAL time.
• Record the forward and return pieces, including turning around, as one GPS recording.
• The return piece must be started within 5 minutes of finishing the forward piece.
• The start of the return piece must be within 100m of the finish of the forward piece. Be careful to watch your position if your body of water has a strong current.
• The finish of the return piece must be within 100m of the start of the forward piece.

3. Once you have completed your performance, save your session and export your performance file (either a .gpx, .fit., or .tcx file) to a computer.

4. Submissions will be done through an email link sent directly from Time-Team to the email address used in RegattaCentral. You will receive this email within an hour after registration. The submission portal will open July 12 and close at 3:00pm Pacific Time on July 18.

5. Upload your session’s export to the Time-Team portal and confirm your submission.


The Time-Team software will automatically extract the fastest continuous 1000m from the uploaded performance file for each of your two pieces. To ensure your submission is successful, we suggest rowers submit a performance that is slightly longer than 1000 meters but no more than 100 meters.

Smartphone + GPS Tracking App

There are numerous free applications available for iOS and Android devices that enable you to track and export your performance data for submission. We recommend Strava*, though most apps created for tracking running or cycling will most likely be compatible. Before deciding on an app to use, look online to see if it supports exporting a single workout session as a .gpx, .fit, or .tcx file

*Strava is a free app on the Apple App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android. While Strava offers a paid subscription service that provides additional features, no purchase is necessary to use Strava for tracking and submitting your onwater piece.

1. How to get your activities to Strava
2. Strava Export Instructions

GPS Watch

i. Garmin Watch Support
ii. Polar Watch Support
iii. Suunto Movescount Support
iv. FitBit Support
v. Whoop

NK SpeedCoach with Training Pack

vi. NK Link Support

GPS Apps & How to Export Data

vii. MapMyFitness
viii. RunKeeper
ix. AllTrails
x. Crew Nerd


All results will be available immediately by Time-Team and will be displayed on RegattaCentral as racers submit them. Results will not be made official until all entries have been received and verified by the Cascadia/Time-Team Timing Officials.