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Competitor Eligibility

Rowing Canada Aviron Rules of Racing will be in effect unless otherwise noted in official event information.

  • All participants must be registered members in good standing with their national governing organization, i.e. Rowing Canada Aviron or US Rowing .
  • All rowers, regardless of nationality, are eligible for awards.
  • A rower may compete as a Master in the year in which they attain the age of 21.
  • Composite crews are welcome provided they are identified at the time of regatta registration and allowed by local Public Health orders. Individuals may represent only one club at the regatta.
  • Uniforms and the blades of all club oars and sculls do not need to be in club colours.
  • Due to limitations, racing down will not be allowed. 

Age Categories

AA age: 21 – 26 years age
A age:  27 – 35 years
B age: 36 – 42 years
C age: 43 – 49 years
D age: 50 – 54
E age: 55 – 59
F age: 60 – 64G age: 65 – 69
H age: 70 – 74
I age: 75 – 79
J age: 80 – 84
K age: 85 – 89
L age: 90 and over

The age categories do not apply to coxswains. The age category of a Masters crew shall be determined by the average age of the rowers in the crew, rounded down to the nearest whole number. The age of a coxswain shall not be counted. The ages of individual rowers in a crew boat need not fall within the age category, so long as each rower is a Master and so long as the average age of the crew falls within the applicable category. A Master’s crew or sculler may compete in a lower (younger) age category, but not in a higher category. In this case, the crew rowing down will be assigned an age adjustment equivalent to the oldest possible age of that category.


Meaningful Competition

The Cascadia /RCA Organizing Committee seeks to create a rewarding and high-level competitive experience.  In order to be awarded first, second or third, there must be at least four competitors in the race. This ensures that each award represents a well-earned result for the top three positions.

If there are not four entries in a race, where logical, the organizing committee will combine age groups in an attempt to reach four or more competitors.  Age adjusted times will be assigned as necessary and one first, second and third prize will be awarded for that combined race using the handicap to determine the winners. Where at all possible the span of age categories will not be more than three.



Ergometer Events

Novice rowers are new to rowing as of January 2020.

On-Water Events

Novice rowers are new to rowing as of January 2019. We are expanding the definition of novice recognizing that 2020 and 2021 have presented limitations  to learning to row on water.Novice Rowers are new to rowing as of January 2019.


Lightweight Events

  • Men – 72.5 KG/160 lbs. maximum individual weigh
  • Women – 59 KG/130 lbs. maximum individual weight

All rowers entered in lightweight races are required to prepare video evidence as proof of their body weight. The Cascadia Timing Officials will request video for the top 3 rowers in any given event and conduct random spot checks.

Lightweight rowers are required to ‘weigh-in’ on the same day of their race anytime up to 1 hour before the on-water start time of their race. Regatta officials may perform spot checks and request proof from the top 3 rowers of the event(s). The videos must be filmed in accordance with the requirements below:

  • Rowers may use any digital camera or camera phone to record their bodyweight with enough quality (short video) to see all of the following details:
    ✓ Shows that the scale is zeroed
    ✓ Shows the rower standing on the scale
    ✓ Wearing racing clothes
    ✓ Bodyweight measurement is visible on the scale
    ✓ Date and time (this could be the home screen of a phone or watch showing the date and time stamp) on the day of your race and the actual time the weigh-in is done.
  • Verification will take place by the Cascadia Timing Official. Final race results will not be official until all weigh-in submissions for a particular race have been verified and approved.

Note: If a rower does not make weight, or they do not submit their picture/video evidence when requested within 12 hours, they will still be able to race, however their score will not be included in the lightweight category, but the age appropriate weight category. If you do not make weight on your scales and you do not think you will make weight during the week, please inform the OC by email at 

If a rower is racing in multiple lightweight races, they only need to weigh-in once per day, but if a rower races on separate days, they will need to weigh-in on each separate day.



Age classification for coxswains will not apply at this regatta.

The minimum weight of a coxswain wearing a racing uniform, shall be 55 kilograms. If under the minimum weight, a coxswain shall carry deadweight to make up the difference between the weight of the coxswain and the minimum required weight and may be checked randomly by Umpires.



The use of FISA Standard Adaptive boats is mandatory for all adaptive PR1-1x and PR2-2x events.